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    To register for a legalization of documents appointment, please go to > Visits >Legal matters.


    The system will show you available appointment dates. Please note that appointment dates are granted independently of the embassy,  based on the missions capacity and applicants’ demand. It is therefore not possible to receive an earlier appointment date.





    Only original documents authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be legalized. It is not possible to legalize copies of documents.


    In case of legalization of education certificates, it is necessary to submit final, original certificates. Statements of results and other confirmations will not be accepted for legalization.


    Please note that all documents need to be authenticated by the issuing country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The authentication should  be direct -- it should be a written statement by the MFA that the document in question is original, issued in accordance with the issuing country’s law and by an authorized person. The authentication should contain the full name and rank of the person issuing it.


    Please note also that you will be requested to provide the following supporting documents:


    1. International passport and copy of the passport data page of the document’s owner;
    2. In case of marriage acts – copy of the other spouse’s passport  data page and copy of his/her visa to the country where the marriage took place;
    3. In case of education certificates – letter from the Ministry of Education of the issuing country;
    4. In case of legalization by a third party – copy of  passport data page of document’s owner; letter of  authorization; passport or ID of authorized person; copy of  the document owner’s visa or residence permit in the country of his/her current residence.





    • The legalization fee of  30 Euro per document (regardless of the number of pages of the document) in cash, to be paid in the Embassy.
    • In case of legalization of education certificates it may be necessary to issue a confirmation letter for the purpose of nostrification. There is an additional fee of 30 Euro for such a letter.
    • Please note that the legalization fee is not refunded in case refusal to legalize. The fee covers costs of the verification procedure and does not guarantee a positive decision.





    • The legalization process usually takes about 1 month.
    • The deadline may be extended in case of difficulties in confirming the documents authenticity by relevant issuing authorities.
    • The documents may be collected at the embassy personally or by courier, paid and ordered by the applicant.